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Aug. 15th, 2009 @ 01:43 am g
Oct. 2nd, 2005 @ 03:10 am Da Play
So I finally went and saw Curios Savage tonight. I was surprised to find that on the third weekend, there were still line flubs. Luckily, I didn't notice any from any of the players I associate with. And while I had heard some pretty bad things from said players, everyone who saw it raved. So I went in with a pretty open mind. A few of you who are in teh show will be reading this, but I've decided not to write directly to you guys, instead I will write to a general auience. So pretend you don't know what I'm talking about right now (And you probably don't because I'm not even sure anymore.)

I thought it was wodnerful. The characters are so well written, and most of them brought to life very well. Quint was great as a frazzled genius. He looked the part, as well, which was very cool. And I thought the violin playing was magnificent. But then I've also hear Mr. Jones play. I really enjoyed Colby's "scar." I know Jim is a lunatic about things like that, which can tend to make things of that nature seem forced, but it certainly didn't in this instance. I was also shocked by the chemistry between Colby and Laura. That worked so well, Bravo. Madeline was really into this part, I fear. Lol. We were talking the other day abotu whether or not she is cute anymore. I think she used alot of it up in that character. Molly Shannon meets Mollt Ringwald, but a hudnred times more likeable. Believe it or not, whenever she cried or wished herself dead, it was almost too sad to bear. If it weren't so funny, I think it would have brought people to tears. I liked Laura as an ex military nurse. Her sensitive side was well played, but her stark rigidity was very present. I had heard that Chris was really bad, but either he pulled things together, or I missed something. Asside from his character being a non-entity in the play, I thought it was a decent performance. (I've lost my playbill, so some of the next few notes might use character names, or perhaps simply descriptions if I can't remember their names either.) Lovall was surprisingly likeable. And it was a little earily how her parenting skills are so similiar in real life. "Where is Madeline? Oh playing with a saw? Whatever..." Mrs. Paddy was hilarious. Especially that silly stare through the coke bottles. LMAO. Chrsiten was on, as usual. She plays cooky old ladies very well. I wonder why that is? There are others of course, but I found very little to note. One point, that Jim made a refference to in the playbil, was that overal chemistry of the cast was superb. It was very cool to see the different goups of characters and their interactions. It was all very consistent, which made the whole show cohesive. As for the ending, all I have to say is that a very funny, and silly show, with such a profound ending is hard to pull off. But you could feel the tension in the room when the final lights came up, and the world as the inhabitants of the Cloisters was revealed. Holy fucking shit that was cool.

I give it a score of Awesome +1.
Sep. 28th, 2005 @ 09:14 pm Posting Again
How I feel: quixoticquixotic
What I'm listening to: Fall Out Boy (Well, it is downloading ATM)
So, I havn't posted for a long time, and Madeline was talking about LJs, and noted that I rarely write in mine anymore. So I'm updating.

I just got back a few hours ago from Vancouver B.C. where I saw Greenday and Jimmy Eat World at GM Place. That was a fucking awesome concert. Jimmy Eat World blew. Hardcore. Which is sad, because I like their music. They did a 30 mintute set, said about 10 words to the crowd, then left. The music was alright, but they are a little low key for a punk rock. But Greenday more than made up for it. First off, they are a pretty decent live band. And with 17 years experiences, they know how to run a show and work a crowd. We stood for the entire two and a half hour show. It was non-stop cool. Having seen Live-8 and the entirety of the American Idiot album live on TV already, I knew what to expect, and damn did they deliver. Jesus of Suburbia was awesome, and given that it really can't be a radio song, it was cool to seem them hype it in the show. The people in front of us were smoking very bad Candaian pot. It smelled awful. I felt bad for them. Ick. The people behind us were smoking very good pot. They enjoyed the show.

I am writing this from a shitbox system I got for a free. but my main desktop went belly up and I can;t fix it. So Nick bought a wireless card, and now I have net again. Which is good, right?

Acedemic suspension sucks. Never do it.

I need a job. Know a good place?

If I havn't already told you, my goal for the next year, year and a half is to make some money, get everything settled around here, and move to Ashland OR.

P.S. I still like girls.
Jul. 11th, 2005 @ 08:30 pm Forgot the subject
LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:dracc
Your haiku:the house down*checked
out the bowl)john dude!mike
you were going to tell
Created by Grahame

Wow... if you have read my play(which can be found deep within the bowls of my archive...) then this haiku is... amazingly, well... I don't know a word for it... but it just works. Holy carp... yeah the fish.
Jul. 8th, 2005 @ 09:53 pm Forgot the subject
I'm in Georgia... still. I'm coming back the 18th... I have limited net access, so that is why I have been completely absent from my precious digital world. On this trip I am missing 5 new Halo maps, and Harry Potter... and I ask myself, was it really worth it? Nope... Oh well! Hope everyone is having fun, and as soon as I get back, there are some of of you I need to talk to. I've had lots of time for thinking, and I have some movie stuff that some people might be interested in... or not. Anyway, talk to everyone later I suppose.

May. 21st, 2005 @ 01:40 am Forgot the subject
Star Wars... wow. It is all over. You may notice that my avatr is not my coveted number 1 ticket. Wanna know why? Cuz I was fucked over by those stupid fucktards at Deer Park(please note I am NOT talking about any of my friends who work there, merely whoever it was that sold me the wrong ticket, and whoever it was that sent me to the wrong theatre) Firstly, they didn't print het ticket number on the tickets wich made all of them identicle, so forget about a decent collectors item. But wait... oh yeah, since they gave me the wrong ticket anyway, mine says its for the SECOND showing... so it doesn't matter anyway. now down to buisness. After waiting in line for 4 days and 4 nights, putting in all of my time and enduring the elements(it wasnt all pizza and Halo 2) I get sent into the wrong screening, and am NOT told about this until my friends run in and tell us. thats right... not an employee who realized the mistake and informed us... no they didn't even bother... So I'm on my way over there and I drop my wallet as I'm gathering my coat and stuff. And I see the manager on the way and he demands give him my ticket back so he can exchange it... because right now that the biggest thing in the world to him... all I can think about is the shitty seats I'm going to have to pick from. But the ticket is in my wallet... somewhere in the other screen. So I ditched him and got into teh theatre... where my closest friends have now taken up mine and Dupuis's seats and refuse to move... Can't blame them really. Well, I can... but I won't. Theatre called today... they have my wallet... with my lame ass un-numbered, incorrect showing ticket.

************************Spoilers Below****************************

I might bother to pick that up sometime this week. And after that, I felt a little pissed for the film, but it didn't matter because from the very first scene which is a visual masterpeice, right throught the insane saber battles, all of the cheesy goodness(thats right folks SW has always been cheesy... try watching ANH sometime) right on past Artoo, the comic relief driod, and straight to last echos of Vader's scream I was riveted to the screen. Wow. Lucas has made up for Episode 1. Everyone must see this film. Its insanely violent compared to every other SW ever. They finally topped the disgusting scene in ANH when Luke sees his aunt and uncle's charred remains. Yeah... and more body parts go flying than in Red Sonya. Cold blooded murder of defenseless elderly men. Brutal slaughting of young children. That scene actually ccracked a smile on face... because I knew just how good this movie was. There isn't a single happy moment in this whole film. I was generaly surprised to see a blocked shot of a jedi being fired intorepeatedly after she was already dead. I mean they did show a valiant young kid get pelted with blaster fire from the, still entirely CG, clone troopers. The words "Operation 66" will tear at the hearts of every Jedi wannabe out there. This movie also has more throwbacks and references than any other. Not just the normal appearance of the millenium Falcon(yes, its not just a corellian freighter... that actually IS the MF. It is supposed to show how it kept changing hands and bouncing around the galaxy.) or the 1138 refernece which is no doubt hiddend very deeply, or the obligatory "bad feeling" line, the scream:) or head bumbing. But rather very deep subtle refferences that made the hardcore fans smile. so subtle in fact I can;t recall them, but I can;t wait to watch it again and analyze i more carefully.

Now a list of things that kicked my ass:

Openeing sequence! Damn that was sick when they revealed the space battle.
Dooku losing his hands. Yeah.. both of them... no more petty 1 hand shit like ESB and ROTJ.
Greivous's 4 bladed assault. turning himself into a lightblender was a neat trick.
Greivous's ship. That thing was sick!
Naruto using rasengan with only one hand. What? its in there...
Chewbacca's friend with the dreads. Hell yes. (speaking of which, chances are the next time you see me I will actually have mine!)
A ligthsaber duel with blades the same color. Surprisingly cool!
Obi-Wan's removal of Vader's good arm, and legs.
Vader's burning body.
The suit... even though his pose while screaming was a little overdramatic. Course he was told that he himself killed his one true love... how twisted.
And finally... bringing us right back to where ANH starts... the droids on the Tantive IV, and threepio with a nice clean memeroy wipe.

Things to think about:

If the first deathstar took 18 years to complete... how the fuck did they build that much of the significantly larger Death Star II in only 2 years?

wow, there is much more... but another viewing will bring greater clarity.
Apr. 22nd, 2005 @ 04:41 pm 7
She had to say 7. Just enough to put me over, but not overwhelming enough to motivate me... damn it.
Apr. 19th, 2005 @ 09:59 pm Psuedosexuality...
Once again today, I was confronted with a commonly held opinion that bugs the hell out of me. I have collected around me a great number of friends... now my definition of friend may be different than yours, but for the moment, we will define a friend as someone who you spend alot of time with, and have some personal or emotional connection to. A person you generaly like.

Now the friends I have gathered come from all walks of life, have vastly differen't interests, issues, problems, pros, and cons, etc... The one thing that I can say of every one of my friends is that they are truly unique, and if it is even possible, they may just be a little more unique than the average person you may meet on the street. Of course I have met many VERY unique people in just such a way... Oh Mondeazi... I can also say of almost all of my friends that they are genuine people. And it is also true that most of them are very open minded. These are all things I am very proud of, both as a personal accomplishment, and as a general respect for the people I associate with.

But the one thing that has come to bother me so very much, is simply that some of these seemingly open minded people, are not really so open minded. Most ofthem would deny it, but the truth is, they are lying to themselves. The actual point of irritation comes from teh labeling of some of my friends as "fake lesbians", or only slightly preferebly, "the lesbians." There are a few thigns I would like to clarify. The first, and lesser of the two is that in this day, when any one around you might be a homosexual, or a bisexual, or any other number of things, I cannot believe anyone would speak of other people in such a derraogatory way. I'm quite certain that if I were to ask any of the people who have labeled my friends as such, they would state that they have no problem with homosexuals. But honestly, I don't think I could believe all of them.

Now, I have personally known a few homosexuals thus far in my lifetime... yes I know... even here in Port Angeles, can you believe it? But when I think of them, the first thing that comes to my mind is not their sexual orientation, but their character. I can honestly say that the gay population and the straight population have equal shares of people I like and dislike. And I know I have made many gay jokes, references, etc... and it may make me sound hypocritical, but I do it knowing what my true beliefs are. Perhaps I need to tone that down, but so far, I don't think I've offended anyone... But I will try to be more mindful of that in the future.

The second problem I have is with the notion that these people, my friends, are "fake." Now I understand that somewhere out there, there may be people who put on a show, and pretend to be gay, or bisexual for attention. But honestly, I've seen the attention they get, and its generaly negative... and nobody I know, gay, straight, or otherwise, wants that. These are real people, with real feelings, and real sexual urges and desires, which might be outside our own personal understanding. But because we cannont understand them, is no reason to dismiss them as being fake. As for my friends specificaly, I can assure it is not a show. I should not need to give evidence of this either, as has been asked of me in the past. You should simply believe them, or me, whichever you trust more. I think a major part of what causes this disbelief is a person's inability to be truly open, and understanding. They are unwiling to beleive that homosexuals exist. They do.

Number three: Not all people with alternative sexual preferences are homosexual. I am going to say a word, and I want you to add it to your PC vocabulary: Bisexual. For some reason, it is even harder for some peopel to beleive in bisexuals, than it is to beleive in homosexuals, despite that fact that I garuntee that every single person reading this has at one time, at least had a bisexual thought, or perhaps engaged in an act or two. The blatant mislabeling of my bisexual friends as lesbians is demeaning to them, and tellign of yourself. Demeaning because it shows that their particular sexual prefference is secondary in the minds of an "open" society, and telling of yourself because it shows an ignorance towards the people around you, and more obviously, towards sexually alternative individuals.

I don't know how many times I have had to correct people when they refer to my close friends as the lesbians, as though they were an exhibit at a freak show. But I do know that I don't want to do it again. I'll end my statement with the simple fact that they are people too, and if you ever have the chance to meet any of them, and I know some of you have, you'll find that they are indeed wonderful, real, interesting people.
Mar. 30th, 2005 @ 11:06 pm Forgot the subject
I'm a Scary Internet Faggot (with Strange Obsessions)

I'm a Scary Internet Faggot (with Strange Obsessions) I am the type of faggot that even normal faggots are ashamed of. I tend to be reclusive, know so much about computers that Bill Gates has tried to have me assassinated, and I have an unhealthy obsession with pokemon. What I lack in social graces I make up for in hours clocked up masturbating to google image searched pictures of pikachu. I should probably go outside one day.

What kind of Faggot are you?
Brought to you by Pushing Through</a>

Ok, wow... and I didn't answer a single fucking pikachu question.... I guess knowing the internet developed out of ARPANET makes you a flaming net fag. Anyway, Ozette update coming soon!
Mar. 23rd, 2005 @ 10:01 pm Pain in the ass...
Last night I got home from my meeting and Sarah looked unhappy. We started talkign and she had to go home, so I suggested she call me. So she did, and we talked for a long time, about all sorts of things. So I'm on the phone and Dupuis comes in and was like "Hey, I need to talk to Madeline." And gestured to the phone. So I may have told him repeatedly to get the fuck out of my room. Because everyone knows that the only girl I might possibly be talking to on the phone for more than 5 minutes has to be Madeline. Assholes.

So I woke up this morning to Eva and Sarah walking into my room. Apparently school wasn't on their list of thigns to do. So we hung out all morning just lying on my bed, Eva freezing, and me and Sarah trying to ignore all of the thigns we got into the night before. All in all, a spectacular morning.<---Not sarcasm! It gets better. I had a chiropracter appointment at 12:00... Which is good because I have been barely able to walk these last few days. I've got a new chiropracter due to some issues with out previous practitioner. So we take some X-rays, and he gives me the diagnosis: I am permanently and irepairably messed up. It turns out my lowermost vertabrae is fused to my pelvis on the right side, making it abnormally strong there, and abnormaly moveable on the left side. The effect of this si that I will forever be plagued by leftside lower back injuries, and general discomfort. And I was breachbirth for a very long time, which caused my feet to point out. When I was younger, I wore braces to correct this, but it was not very effective. Apparently this only aggravates my condition, and I will also develop chronic knee and hip pain. He nicely put that I have 5 or so more good years left. Not to mention my shoulder injury pulls my upper back out of alignment and causes my neck to be stiff 90% of the time. By the time I'm thiry, I will move about with the grace of a 60 year old.

But I don't mind. He said, stay active now and enjoy it while I can, which means DEFFINATELY enrolling in adult rec league soccer in the fall. More skiing, and kyacking. I WILL make the best of my 5 years!

After the appointment I went and got new shoes. Ones with out 2 inch holes in the bottom. Now, I'm not a skater. I don't like the image, but since I plan on longboarding more this summer(while I can) skate shoes are a necessity. I bought DC shoes. I feel weird because of it though. I mean, I've owned Tony Hawk shoes, and that was ok... how more skater can you get? Well I liked them because they were entirely gray(which I think I shall finally declare as my favourite color. Go Counting Crows!) And I love my new shoes as well... I just hope people don't think I'm some kind of poser because of it. And whats better, they totally match my longboard. Hellz yeah.

I guess I need to be more careful, in many aspects of my life. I need to stop being such a DAMN fool. And Sarah, I know you don't read my journal, but I want you to know I'm sorry. I am not in control of my own thoughts. They will do what they wish. And I do see whats going to happen, and I'm not surprised anymore. That thing we talked about last night... its here already. Let us see how this goes. My prediction: Not well for me.

I'd put money on that, if I had any.

Oh yeah, that and I loath your father. Kick him for me, will ya?